What is future-talent.com?

future-talent.com launched in the summer of 2012 and has quickly become the fastest growing online resource for school and college leavers. We're part of the widely renowned graduate-jobs.com Ltd Group, so there's years of experience behind us!

What began mainly as a site designed to show you the alternatives to further education and going to university, future-talent.com has evolved into something much, much more. We appreciate that everyone is different and that university does appeal to lots of people (about 500,000 a year in fact), but we also acknowledge that higher education might not be for you. Because of this ability to be impartial about the decisions that will shape your future, we've designed the site to show you the wide variety of options in a way that we hope won't be overwhelming.

As more information becomes available about the options you have as a school or college leaver, it's important that you understand where the opportunities are and how to get them. First and foremost future-talent.com is a job board, but one that reflects the needs of you as a school or college leaver. This means that the site is packed full of prospects, whether you want to go to university - by your own intuition or through an employer sponsored degree, start as an apprentice in one of the hundreds of schemes available, jump straight into work with a full or part time job, or set off on more training that will help you get the career you want.

But "being a job board" isn't everything we have got to offer. We've also got information, advice, case studies and regular blog articles related to the sectors that you may be interested in pursuing and they're not just from our team either. We have guest blogs from people all over the country, charities, social enterprises, sport teams, employers, careers advisors and even school and college leavers like your. Letting you know that they're all going through the same thing.

We visit over 150 schools and colleges each year, speak to thousands of young people every month and careers advisors on a daily basis. We've always got an ear to ground finding out new information and conveying that directly to you.

We know that everyone's always telling you who went to university and was success or who's the bright star of enterprise after they decided that further education wasn't for them, but then again they're usually telling you what to do in some other way as well. We're not a fan of clich├ęs usually, but we're all for a resource that doesn't tell you what to do when you've finished school or college, just how to do "it" and where "it" is. Then perhaps you can succeed as yourself.

So register with future-talent.com for our regular updates, create a CV using our unique CV building tool and get applying to what "you" want to do.

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