Tree Planting and Environmental Education Summer Initiative

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If you are passionate about the environment and would love to take a hands on role in helping with reforestation and environmental education why not volunteer and join this mass action project in Zambia this summer.

The aim of this initiative is to help address decades of widespread deforestation caused by slash and burn farming, the demand for charcoal (fuel for cooking etc) and unsustainable logging. According to UN-REDD Zambia has lost an incredible 50 million hectares of forest. Be part of this mass action project and help prevent flooding, a decline in biodiversity and women having to walk longer to find fire wood that are the common outcomes of deforestation of this scale.

The project, started in 2010, works in collaboration with local community leaders, schools, youth and farm groups to try to change attitudes, create unity with the Livingstone community and to build a sustainable eco-legacy.

Project activities include mass tree planting, making solar cookers, education of children and communities, and the painting of murals as well as providing insightful workshops for volunteers and the local community to raise awareness about environmental issues. We also build using eco-bricks. 30000 trees have already been planted, an incredible achievement.

This really is an amazing opportunity to work directly with the Livingstone Community to actively address the damage done by 20 years of environmental neglect with the aim of increasing the forest coverage in Zambia.

Role of the volunteer

The involvement of international and local volunteers on the project is paramount to achieving our aims on all fronts because tackling reforestation is a huge job.

Some of the activities volunteers can get involved with include:

• Plant trees at schools, farms and in other deforested areas

• Teach children about the value of trees and their impact on the environment, as well as alternative energy sources & paint murals to capture the messages given

• Educate local community members about alternative energy sources, so that they can in turn educate others - this will include how to make and use solar cookers

• Beautify and restore classrooms and community buildings using eco-bricks

• Attend lectures delivered by notable speakers from around the World, so that you can make decisions and pass on your knowledge to friends and family regarding environmental issues

You will be working with a large team of international and local volunteers so you will be expected to be flexible with your working day and the activities that you are expected to take on board to ensure that everyone has a fun but inspiring time.

Skills Required

There are no specific skills required for this program other than being fit and healthy, as this is a hands on placement.

Those with teaching background will be well utliised. Being able to work as part of a diverse team and live in a close environment is important. Aside from that, enthusiasm and a willingness to do what is required during every task is needed especially as you will be looking to inspire locals to change their habits and practices.

If you have a spirit of adventure and are passionate about the environment and want the opportunity to have a hands on role then this is the volunteer placement for you!