Sports Development and Rural Community Work

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Gap Year and Voluntary

Volunteer in Zambia on our sports development project, which believes that sport is an essential and effective tool to teach about various subjects such as HIV, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Working within schools, with sports teams in the community and as part of a wider community outreach, this project provides the social and physical benefits of sport alongside an important educational tool.

Through connections with the community, the project is also involved with various other activities as they arise, such as building and refurbishment as well as setting up farming initiatives. The project aims to make sports available to everyone, whether they are at school or not. The project helps out with youth groups to ensure that this is a possibility.

Join this sports development placement and help the project to realise its goals.

Role of the volunteer

Sports volunteers spend their time training, guiding and working with soccer teams in the Livingstone community as well as providing physical education in schools. As part of the project volunteers also train teachers who can continue the work and encourage involvement from them. As well as the actual sports training and rule learning, volunteers also hold team-building exercises and teach basic hygiene and health lessons.

In the afternoons, volunteers help out on other community projects including building and refurbishment work, helping to care for the elderly, farming, reading club, adult literacy classes, or children's art clubs.

During the school holidays teaching volunteers work closely with sports volunteers. They teach lessons for the first half of the morning and then engage the students in recreational activities. They also and teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Skills Required

No specific skills are required, but a lot of energy and enthusiasm is needed to keep up with these energetic youngsters. Your schedule is set for you by your volunteer coordinator; however, if you have any particular interests or skills you would like to use, we would love to accommodate them!

The children at the schools are always keen to learn new activities - particularly if they come from overseas!!

We can set up a class for you to teach rugby, athletics, cricket, or whatever your interest is. Equipment is very difficult to come by e.g. hockey sticks, so please keep that in mind, if you are able to acquire donated sporting equipment, the community will greatly appreciate it.

You will be asked to send your CV/resume before being accepted onto this project.