Medical Assistance Projects in India

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Volunteer on our Medical Assistance Projects in India and help with the incredible shortage of skilled and unskilled workers in the over-stretched health care service.

With a population of over 1.2 billion, India is now the second most populated country in the world. It's services are severely stretched and there is a need for more staff at hospitals and community clinics to help cope with the demand of an ever growing population. Services are provided to the young, old and everyone in between, and medical assistance volunteers are much needed to help to give a basic level of service to India's citizens, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Indian government has implemented a range of free treatments and services for the poor to help address health needs along with health awareness programmes to promote good hygiene and care.

Volunteer in India on this medical assistance project and work alongside locals either promoting health awareness initiatives or providing basic care and education to those who most need it.

Role of the volunteer

Volunteers will be responsible for assisting medical staff in the communities and this will very much be determined by the skills and experience of the volunteer.

Medical placement (those with some medical training / medical students)

• work with medical staff in day to day care of patients
• focus on hygiene at the hospital under the guidance of local doctors
• observe and check patients alongside local qualified staff
• admin tasks

Health care placement (first aid trained and maternal / community health will be useful)

• give first aid training to children and women in slum communities
• prepare and run health awareness sessions through home visits with a local staff member, community health sessions focusing on issues such as pre-natal care, nutrition, hygiene, vaccinations and HIV/AIDs

Volunteers will be asked to entertain children at health sessions for their parents so the doctors can ensure that the parents are able to focus on the information is absorbed.

Skills Required

Volunteers for this Medical Assistance Project must be passionate, enthusiastic and energetic with good people skills. First aid trained and pre-med students are highly sought after, as are those with experience in pre-natal care and community health education.

If you have a particular area of interest, please do make this known on your application form to us, and we will try to place you within this area if possible.

You will be asked to send your CV/resume before being accepted onto this project.

Please note that any medical professionals who wish to practice will be required to register with the Indian Medical Council at their own cost, as they would do in any country.