You may not have heard of the work we do, but behind the closed doors of our hi-tech facilities, some of the world’s most inventive experts are crafting, designing, and creating exciting one-off products to solve unique and interesting problems. With our fully funded Government Apprenticeship opportunities, we can help you push technology to its limits, and turn your curiosity into a reality.

Have you got what it takes?
Are you naturally curious about technology? Do you delve into the heart of gadgets, pursuing what’s possible - while constantly asking ‘what if?’ at every corner? If this has led to a fascination of how tech works, and an interest in designing, improving or making repairs to gadgets or programming and de-bugging nifty software applications, then our apprenticeship is the right one for you.

To earn a place as an HMGCC apprentice, you'll need to meet our entry requirements, have bags of enthusiasm and a genuine interest in technology and engineering.

Apply: HMGCC scheme

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be over 21 years of age
  • British citizen
  • One of your parents is a British citizen
  • Primarily been a resident in the UK for the last 10 years

Salary = £24,000 + £5,000 welcome package

All candidates are required to go through Developed Vetting clearance to work at HMGCC, therefore the recruitment process can take approximately 6-8 months.