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The developing world is blighted by health problems caused by a variety of difficulties. Sadly, so many of the health problems could easily be managed if only the funds and resources were available. Ultimately, volunteers help to combat this lack of resources, which is preventing many countries from providing adequate health care to its population.

As a volunteer with Kaya, not only will you provide an extra pair of hands, but focus on building the capacity of local staff and trading ideas on best practice. Whether it is through working on a clinical placement in hospital, providing hands-on care to patients, working in a community educating people how to stay healthy and prevent the spread of disease, or through working in a lab conducting vital research - the work you do will make a real difference.

Placements available range from hospitals, rural field clinics, home visits, nutrition, health education and public health research in all fields of health and medicine. Kaya's skilled project advisors will work with you to find the most suitable project.

Your role as a volunteer will largely depend on your skill level and experience as well as the needs of the project at the time. Your aptitude will be assessed by the local team and you will be able to observe and discuss the healthcare challenges facing medical teams in a developing country.

We have opportunities from 2 weeks to 6 months. All placements are self-funded, but project prices include accommodation, most meals, airport transfer, training and support.

For more information on what kind of healthcare placement would be right for you, please contact one of our project advisors on the email address provided.

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