Antelope Park Lion Breeding & Rehabilitation Project

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Volunteer in Zimbabwe on a world first lion breeding and rehabilitation project, supported by some of the worlds leading ecologists in the field.

We invite you to walk with African Lions to help them gain confidence in the natural environment, to be involved in our in-depth research and data- collection activities and to help rehabilitate lions back into their natural environment. Spending time with the lions in the wild each day is an essential part of the cubs upbringing.

If the cubs are to be successfully released it is important that they spend time out in a natural environment. They need to adapt to it, learn from it, understand, observe, feel and smell the wild.

There are 3 stages to the release programme; pre-release involving teaching the lions survival skills, the release stage where lions are put in a semi-wild environment to hone their hunting skills while being monitored and finally the release stage where they are released with the aim of producing quality, disease-free lions.

Join the local team of professional guides and other dedicated volunteers, gain a deeper understanding of the King of Beasts and assist us in gathering vital information that will facilitate their eventual release and preservation of this impressive species.

Role of the volunteer

As a volunteer you will take part in lion walks and you will enjoy the exhilaration of being part of a hunt as the young cubs learn to stalk their prey.

You will help feed the younger lion cubs if there are some on site at the time. Cleaning the enclosures and preparing meat for feeding times are daily tasks. You may also be able to learn to ride horses so you can cross the grass lands so you can effectively carry out boundary patrol and snare sweeping.

Each day is exciting, exhilarating and an experience you will learn so much from.

Skills Required

There are no specific skills required for this program. You will need to be of good health and have a decent level of fitness.

Any previous experience of riding horses will also be an advantage.

Aside from that enthusiasm and willingness to do what is required during daily tasks is the attitude required for the project.

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