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Travis Perkins Apprentice 2021

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Our businesses span the trade, home improvement and DIY markets and our aim is to offer the best for our employees, customers, suppliers.

Training & Profiles

Our current programmes are delivered in house by our experienced Apprenticeships team, who will ensure you get all the support you need to reach your full potential. You’ll be assigned an Apprentice Mentor who will assess your work and ensure you’re on track. They’re also on hand to coach you through any challenges you may be having with your programme.

Our experienced team of Facilitators will run your workshops which provide a great opportunity to network with other apprentices within your region and really build your knowledge.

All of our programmes give you the opportunity to driver performance across your business area and deliver projects that will positively impact what we do. Our supportive 'family feel' encourages you to challenge the way we do things, take risks and learn what works for you.

Application Procedure

The recruitment for our Apprenticeship Programmes happens throughout the year so keep an eye on our Careers website for upcoming opportunities. Our Apprenticeship programmes are also available to all of our existing colleagues so no matter which role you join us in, that opportunity will be open to you.

The assessment process will require you to complete an online questionnaire, complete an online strengths assessment and then come along to a face to face interview at the location your apprenticeship will be based at.


Q: Who can be an apprentice?
A: Absolutely anyone can be an Apprentice. There is no restriction on age, education or background. The only requirement is that the Apprenticeship Programme will allow you to build a new skill set.

Q: What can I expect at interview?
A: Friendly people and lots of questions! We’ll want to know all about your background and whether your skills match the role you are applying for. Of course, interviews work two ways so come prepared to ask any questions you may have about the scheme and the Travis Perkins group. For more advice on interviews, have a look at our Top Tips

Q: How will I be assessed?
A: Throughout your programme you will be pulling together a portfolio of evidence that shows all the things you’ve learnt whilst on your Apprenticeship Programme. At the very end of your programme, an external provider will come into your place of work, have a conversation with you about your Programme and look through your portfolio.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Within the Travis Perkins Group, we do all of our recruitment online. See below for a list of our current apprentice vacancies and click on the links to submit your application.

Q: What happens at the end of my apprenticeship?
A: All of our Apprentices are brought into the business on a permanent contract. At the end of your programme, your progress will be reviewed and you will be moved into a position that suits your current skill set and provides you with an environment that will continue to challenge and develop you.

How do I apply?

Within the Travis Perkins Group, we do all of our recruitment online.

How much will the Apprenticeship Cost?

Our courses will cost you nothing but applying time and effort to your own development, all costs are covered by the Travis Perkins Group, including any travel and accommodation costs that might be necessary.

Do the apprenticeships offer genuine qualifications?

Absolutely. All of our Apprenticeship programmes offer nationally recognised qualifications where you will be awarded either a pass, merit or distinction grade.