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ATG Training is a leading provider of high quality vocational training. We work to help employers find new and exciting talent, as well as to support their existing staff with enhancing their skills and knowledge.

At ATG Training, we believe that given the right opportunities and support, there are thousands of people out there who are going to become the future leaders of this country, be that in Engineering, Manufacturing or Business, and we want to be part of making their success happen! Our employers are those forward-thinking organisations who want to harness new talent and use it grow and become market leaders. We assist them with finding people who offer positivity and ambition, then provide training and guidance to ensure they develop the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required for the role through Apprenticeship programmes.

We want to find as many enthusiastic and motivated people who want to work, earn and learn, as possible and match them to fantastic career opportunities! Contact us now if you this is you!

Case Studies

  • Name: Dennis Chikwanha
  • Role: Research Technician
  • University: Oxford University

"Learning about management issues from day one means I have a much broader understanding of the business and therefore understand why certain decisions have to be made. Understanding the wider business issues puts me in good stead for the future. My aim now is to continue my studies to achieve an HND and ultimately a degree in Engineering."


CV Hints & Tips

Try to keep your CV to 2 pages in length.

Use standard margins, headers and footers. Anything else will seem cluttered if you try to squeeze in too much.

Avoid non-standard fonts, frames/borders, tables and other graphics, unless essential and relevant to the industry you are applying to.

Use italics, bold and bullet points for formatting but avoid using them too much and over-formatting.

Avoid using underlining as it detracts from the overall flow.

Check your spelling and grammar carefully! Use the English UK spell-check to remove Americanisms. Use capital letters appropriately!

You do not need to include your date of birth, nationality and gender, unless requested in the advert.

Make sure you have a professional e-mail address rather than something funny - the person reading it may not share your sense of humour!

Grab the reader’s attention early on and keep their interest by having a strong profile including facts about you and employment information to reflect relevance to the job role you are applying for.

Your profile is your sales pitch, so make sure you set the right tone here.

Only use the term ‘Work Experience’ if the position was unpaid and short-term; for paid long-term contracts or permanent positions use ‘Employment History’.

The employment history section should include the company name, the job title of the role you held, start and end dates, duties and responsibilities, the targets you achieved and skills you developed in each role.

Avoid word repetition especially when using bullet points. Try not to use the same word in the same section twice and definitely not on consecutive lines e.g.:

  • Achieved
  • Achieved

If you do not have any employment history, make sure you include any voluntary work, summer jobs, ad-hoc work, as this all helps to demonstrate your attitude and experience.

If you have gaps in your employment history, perhaps because you were undertaking short-term or temporary jobs, you can consolidate these under one ‘employer’ to avoid misinterpretation e.g.:

  • Various Contract Roles, XYZ Agency 2010-2011
  • Undertook a number of short-term administrative positions, where my duties included answering the telephone, filing and producing word processed documents.

Ask someone else to proof-read your CV before submitting it to companies. They will notice any typos and may be able to suggest amendments/improvements.