Alternatives to University Guide

Together with Pure Potential, is pleased to release the first "Alternatives to University" guide, a comprehensive resource for students, teachers and careers advisors who are looking at the options available to young people once they have finished school or college.

Over the past year has visited over 150 schools and colleges and found that teachers and careers advisors were often lacking a comprehensive guide that could assist them in advising young people.

Pure Potential created the highly popular and well regarded APPLY guide in 2010 and between its launch and 2012 they took orders of over 65,000 copies from schools and colleges nationwide. Since then their annually released booklet has become a staple resource for those looking University and Careers options. Sensing a growing demand for more information on alternatives to university, Pure Potential joined with and together to create the "Alternatives to University" guide.

Please find the Alternatives to University Guide 2014 available to download here.