This week is National Apprenticeships Week 2015! The week is dedicated to celebrating the achievements and possibilities that apprenticeships offer. From the 9th to the 13th of March this week, Apprenticeships are a big talking point. They are not just the skilled labour jobs they were years ago. Here are 5 reasons why 2015 is the best year for apprenticeships.

1. Breadth of opportunity

It has recently been confirmed that the word "apprenticeship" has taken on an entirely new meaning. Before it was reserved for starting careers in Mechanics or Construction. However it has now been revealed that apprentices are pursuing a range of careers with great prospects. It was revealed that the most popular Apprenticeships in 2014 was Health and Social care. This was followed by Business Administration and Management in third and second place. In fourth and fifth were Hospitality and Customer Service. These popular apprenticeship are a long way from the reputation that were originally placed on apprenticeships as for only a select few careers.

2. They've come a long way

As part of apprenticeship week, the government have dug up some figures from the census from over a hundred years ago, revealing how far apprenticeships have expanded. In 1914 it was revealed that the most popular apprenticeship was in Dressmaking. This was followed by Engineering and Carpentry in second and third. Making up fourth and fifth place 500 page

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