Case Study 7: Cleo & Jazmin (Renaisi Ltd. | Future Un-Ltd)


Why did you become an Apprentice?

Jazmin: "The reason I wanted to become a Future Un-Ltd Apprentice was because I wanted to continue learning but I also wanted to gain the work experience, which is not something you will get at uni. I decided to choose Future Un-Ltd as I had heard lots of great things about the company and it looked like a great organisation to be a part off. I've been here for 2 months."

Cleo: "I decided to become a Future Un-Ltd apprentice as they offered some very good Apprenticeship opportunities. I was working as a bar tender at the time but wanted to get into Administration. I have been doing the course for 8 months now."

How have you found it so far?

J: "My position in the company is an admin support worker/ receptionist. So far I have found the position challenging as I have had to learn a lot of new things but I enjoy it a lot."

C: "I like my position as an administrator and recently my company gave me an opportunity to progress to work on a special contract they have. We have a great community at work, it's great being part of such a great team. We work really hard and it's challenging and busy but we make it fun. For example we go out a lot together, after-work drinks together and we all have our own nicknames (I'm Frodo). In the past we've done bowling and karaoke and soon we're going to an 80's roller disco for someone's birthday"

What have your achievements been so far?

J: "The most important part of the apprenticeship so far is the experience and knowledge I am gaining in my role."

C: "I was given an opportunity for a promotion which has been my biggest achievement. I think the most important part of my apprenticeship is it has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and work in a fantastic environment."

How has the Apprenticeship affected your life?

J: "The apprenticeship has helped me to decided what I want to do in terms of my career, it has given me guidance and a strict schedule to stick to."

C: "I think being an apprentice has helped me to progress my skills and gain a qualification at the same time. I feel the apprenticeship will open more opportunities within the area I wish to work."

What do you think about the benefits of Apprenticeships?

J: "The benefits have been the experience I am gaining as well as what I am learning, another benefit of being with Future Un-Ltd is being part a friendly welcoming organization."

C: "I think the benefits of an apprentice are that it gives you the training and a qualification in a area of work you want. I think Future Un-Ltd are a brilliant provider and have helped me throughout my apprenticeship so far. They are very supportive and helped me get into a job I love. (Elena is awesome)"

( Elena: "I promise I didn't make her say that!")