Case Study 1: Alex Lee (Aon)


Alex Lee's Profile

My name is Alex Lee and I am part of the first Aon Apprentice intake in 2012.

In 2012, I was studying Mechanical Engineering at University College of London when I decided that the university path was not what I wanted to do. After doing some research, I discovered that Aon were pioneering a new early careers scheme tailored towards school-leavers and young adults in my position. Following an interesting interview process, I was offered the chance to pursue a career in insurance broking via the inaugural Aon Apprenticeship Scheme.

My role at Aon, Professional Services Group is that of a Client Manager. This involves the facilitation of ensuring a smooth renewal of a client's policy by negotiating with insurers and ensuring the cover is appropriate, dealing with client's queries and requests and generally providing excellent customer service to ensure a client is happy and retains their account with Aon.

There have been a few challenges, especially at the start of the programme! I was new to the world of Insurance and was tasked with dealing with Accountants Professional Indemnity insurance renewals, so not only did I had to learn about the world of work pretty quickly, I also had to study hard to ensure I was knowledgeable enough to perform my job role!

Two years down the line, I have survived an office move to Chelmsford, from Wickford, and a slight role change (I now deal with Construction client's i.e. Architects and Surveyors PI Insurance). I have also completed my Certificate CII and currently working on my Diploma CII through the Apprentice Scheme.

The scheme itself has been pivotal in my personal development. I have been given the opportunity to work with local charities, present to senior management and even be mentored by high level executives within the company; all whilst gaining more knowledge through my CII studies and experience through my daily role. In terms of career progression and development, the sky's the limit and I am looking forward immensely to where Aon will take me over the next few years.