Part One: Entry Level Jobs

So you've made your mind up. As soon as you've finished school or college, you're getting a job. But how to go about it? What will be expected from you? The first thing to consider is starting early. Maybe you've got a weekend job - could that become your career? Do you want it to? A lot of entry level jobs can start as part-time work and then develop into something further down the line. Retail and Sales are a prime example of this. You could start off a part-time sales assistant whilst at school or college and then move into management when you've finished. Whatever path you chose, a key thing to know is what is expected of you. No, they won't expect you know everything about the job or the sector straight away, but research is crucial in putting yourself ahead of the competition. Remember all those graduates who are finishing university? They're looking for a job too, and after years of building up some pretty impressive debt they might be looking at the same places as you! So work hard to know what and where you're applying too. At this level a lot of it is about how you apply yourself, your attitude and if you're the right fit. Simply put - you're going to work hard, look happy about it and get on with the rest of the team there. So work on those soft skills, (don't know what they are? Don't worry there's blog dedicated to them coming up soon) get researching and get ahead of the game!

Next Week: #3. What are you and what do you want from me? Part Two: School Leaver Programmes & Sponsored Degrees