Do I go to university or do I get an apprenticeship? This is the question that all school leavers will be asking themselves at some point but it is no longer as easy question to answer. In recent times there has been a leveling of the playing field. Before apprenticeships were seen as the lesser option between the two and a degree was seen as the more prestigious and respected route to take. However, recent changes to Higher Education and more companies considering employing younger people has allowed the apprenticeship market to flourish.
Figures were released in October showing that more and more people were pursuing the apprenticeship route. The figures showed that 370,000 more people were on an apprenticeship compared to 2009/10. The Minister for Skills, Matthew Hancock said 'Our insistence that they must have a minimum duration, involve on-the-job training, and respond to the needs of employers means that it is rapidly becoming the new norm to take an apprenticeship...' Adding that 'This is good news for the economy, and good news for those getting the skills they need to prosper. There are now more options than ever before with a focus on the quality and rigour that people and employers want from apprenticeships.'
While at the other end, Universities are now beginning to worry about not being able to attract the best school leavers, when they chose school leaver programmes instead. The Vice Chancellor from the University of Reading, Sir David Bell, spoke to the Daily Telegraph this week and said that school leavers can 'go into work in a company at 18, get on-the-job training, almost certainly not saddled with debt of any sort, and probably - at the same age contemporaries are coming out of university - be slightly better positioned in t 500 page

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