With this year's National Apprenticeship Week well underway, work-based learning is getting a lot of attention in the press and across social media. You only need to follow the hashtag #NAW2014 to see the excitement from companies in all industries as they promote their own apprenticeship programmes and success stories.
Apprenticeship programmes have come a long way in the last few years and now rival university as a viable route for school and college leavers looking to kick-start their career in almost any industry. There have been 1.5 million apprenticeships created for young people since 2010, but do you know what it is that makes an apprenticeship such an appealing option for the future? Everyone likes a list - so here are the best reasons to be an apprentice.

1. Earn whilst you learn

One of the most striking differences between going to university and choosing an apprenticeship is the state of your bank balance! Unlike many internships, apprenticeships aren't voluntary. As an apprentice, you'll be earning an average of £700 a month during the 12 month programme - which is super important for making sure that you can support yourself throughout the year whilst you work on completing your training.

2. Kick-start your career

Not only is an apprenticeship the easiest way for you to begin your career, it's also a sure-fire way to make sure that your career is a good one. For anyone going to university, there's no guarantee that they'll find a job at the end of it - and t 500 page

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