graduate jobs In 2013 we went to schools and colleges up and down the country, talking to young people and finding out what they'd like to do with their futures. Whether it was Engineering or Accountancy, throughout the year we've had thousands of vacancies from a variety of employers that could help the people we met achieve their ambitions and we plan to continue in this vein in the New Year. The result of these travels, our social media activity and improvements to our site's visibility have allowed us to increase the site's registered users ten-fold. This is a positive sign that the work we are putting in is being beneficial to school and college leavers and we can promise you we're showing no signs of slowing down. One of our proudest moments from last year was playing our part in combatting the rising levels of youth unemployment. This included joining up with Youth Employment UK and becoming a Youth Friendly certified company, working to lower the number of school and college leavers that are struggling to find work. If you want to join them in battling Youth Unemployment go to their site and sign up. As we enter 2014, highly regarded national training provider Pera Training has joined and we plan to work together to improve upon the already popular service of presentations and workshops we provide for schools and colleges up and down the UK. By working with Pera Training, we hope that we can answer even more of the questions that school and college leavers face when their time in education is over and provide them with information that will assist them long after they have joined the country's workforce. Check out their profile and see what new roles they might have to offer in your area. Finally, January 2014 sees the Alternatives to University Guide, produced and distributed in partnership with Pure Potential. This booklet aims to tackle many of the worries that school and college leavers might have with insightful articles and features for what the world after education can hold. Hosted in a variety of formats it will be available to school and colleges later this month. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year! By James Howell