Tell us a bit about the Apprentice programme with Jaguar Land Rover? Jaguar Land Rover offer two types of apprenticeships; advanced and higher. The advanced apprenticeship is a four year programme in which you will complete NVQ Level 2 in performing engineering operations, NVQ Level 3 in your assigned subject area, National Diploma in engineering and then a course of higher education. Dependent upon business needs and individual capability, that could be either City & Guilds, IMI or Foundation degree. The higher apprenticeship is a six year programme in which you will complete the same four years as the advanced with the inclusion of a foundation degree. From there the final two years will be for completion of a fully sponsored degree. You'll have the opportunity to specify which area of the company you would most like to work in and we'll look to accommodate that in line with business needs. For the Advanced Apprenticeship, that could be in either Product Development, Tool Making, Manufacturing or Maintenance. Higher Apprentices are able specify preferences for Engineering based roles within Finance, Production Supervision, Product Development, Purchasing or Manufacturing. There are excellent opportunities throughout the programme and a highly experienced support network to ensure that each individual achieves their potential. How did you find out about the Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeship scheme? I researched on the careers website, after having heard and read of the emerging product range and prospects of the company within the near future. I compared the programme to those others I was also considering and decided to apply for what I thought offered me the best opportunities and 500 page

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