Tell us a bit about the Apprentice programme with Jaguar Land Rover? Jaguar Land Rover offer two types of apprenticeships; advanced and higher. The advanced apprenticeship is a four year programme in which you will complete NVQ Level 2 in performing engineering operations, NVQ Level 3 in your assigned subject area, National Diploma in engineering and then a course of higher education. Dependent upon business needs and individual capability, that could be either City & Guilds, IMI or Foundation degree. The higher apprenticeship is a six year programme in which you will complete the same four years as the advanced with the inclusion of a foundation degree. From there the final two years will be for completion of a fully sponsored degree. You'll have the opportunity to specify which area of the company you would most like to work in and we'll look to accommodate that in line with business needs. For the Advanced Apprenticeship, that could be in either Product Development, Tool Making, Manufacturing or Maintenance. Higher Apprentices are able specify preferences for Engineering based roles within Finance, Production Supervision, Product Development, Purchasing or Manufacturing. There are excellent opportunities throughout the programme and a highly experienced support network to ensure that each individual achieves their potential. How did you find out about the Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeship scheme? I researched on the careers website, after having heard and read of the emerging product range and prospects of the company within the near future. I compared the programme to those others I was also considering and decided to apply for what I thought offered me the best opportunities and most exciting career prospects. When do you decide that you wanted to do an Apprenticeship? After completing my GCSE's, I considered undertaking an apprenticeship but felt I wanted to continue my studies to achieve my A-Levels. During this time, I researched into the opportunities available and the development that could be offered to me. I completed a UCAS form for application to university and was offered places, but never really felt that university was the best route for me. I decided instead to apply for apprenticeships and specifically this Jaguar Land Rover programme, seeing the potential development within the company and the career progression prospects for myself. I ultimately thought that I would prefer to be in employment and gain knowledge and experience within an engineering workplace whilst studying. What made you apply for the Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeship Programme? I have grown up always admiring their products and regarded them as a class leading manufacturer. It offered me the greatest opportunity to work for a large engineering company, but also the location of the training and workplaces best suited my current home location. The possibility to achieve formal qualifications, embrace the growth the company is forecasting and progress in several areas of the industry attracted me to this scheme. What kind of projects have you been working on since you joined the programme? Working within the vehicle safety testing department, I have been working on preparing vehicles for testing at the proving grounds at MIRA or Millbrook, vehicles such as the new Range Rover and Jaguar F-Type sports car. I have been working on development of new models, incorporating changes in seat positioning and fixings for seat belts or airbags. I am currently working on small projects to aid with the inclusion of hybrid vehicles into our department and ensure their efficient testing upon their arrival. Is it what you expected? I believe that what is outlined to an applicant is a true reflection of what you will discover on acceptance of a place on the programme. There are exciting opportunities available to all, with hard work and application rewarded. It is what I expected and more, in the sense that the company values enormously the introduction and impact of apprentices. This is very encouraging and should drive any applicant to deliver if they are successful. What's your biggest achievement since joining the Apprenticeship Programme? I was awarded, by my training provider, the Warwickshire College Best Student award for Outstanding Engineering Apprentice of the Year. Alongside this, I was the Midlands Regional Runner-up for the Outstanding Achievement by a First Year Apprentice at the Future Manufacturing Awards hosted by EEF. I have recently been nominated by the company for the City of Coventry Freeman's Guild Apprentice of the Year Award and am awaiting the response to my completed nomination form. What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship with Jaguar Land Rover? Jaguar Land Rover offers excellent potential for career development to those who are pro-active and driven to work hard. There is the opportunity to study to varying levels and attain your desired results. They offer a very competitive wage and one that could not be matched by many other companies offering apprenticeships.. With the expanding product range and on-going investment, Jaguar Land Rover is an engineering company at the forefront of technological development, and is entering unprecedented times with rapid increases in sales and the development of many new vehicles and manufacturing plants. What kinds of things are your peers from school doing now? Many of my peers are progressing through university degrees within various different subjects all over the country. I have friends in full time work within the sales industry. I know a few people who have completed or are about to complete apprenticeships within the construction and electrical industries. There are also many who are completing alternative a-levels or college courses, seeking university places or fulfilling job criteria. I also have friends struggling to find work, both with and without degrees. What advice would you give to people thinking of applying to the Jaguar Land Rover apprenticeship Programme? Consider whether you have a real drive to begin a career in engineering and have a passion for the automotive industry. Questions to think about are: What experience you want to gain from your further education and higher education studies. Are you going to be able to travel to the college each day or attend your workplace at times when the college is on holiday, Are you more suited to going to university straight away and studying full-time. Do you have a need or value a secure income as oppose to incurring debt for your studies? I would advise any applicants to take time over completing their application form to ensure they have given more than sufficient detail and answered each question as clearly and fully as possible. If you are prepared to put in the hard work, this programme offers an incredible opportunity. Becoming a Jaguar Land Rover Apprentice has given me direction in my career and provided me with a platform to continue my studies, whilst working within a fantastic company. To find out more about opportunities with Jaguar Land Rover, please click here.