Last week we helped West Thames College put on an event for Global Entrepreneurship Week on 16th November with our partner organisation Uni's not for me. We invited 2 entrepreneurs down to speak to the business studies students, Jessica Rose and Adam Bradford, who were fantastic and really made an impression. graduate jobs Over lunch time we set up the stand for students to come and speak to us and register on the site. This was great as students from all disciplines were able to come and ask questions; what apprenticeships we have on the site , the difference between apprenticeships and entry level jobs, and other burning questions. We also had one of our entrepreneurs Jessica Rose on hand to answer their questions about setting up their own business. After lunch our entrepreneurs gave talks to the b usiness stud ies students about how they set up the ir own businesses : their successes; their failures; their funny stories and top tips. T he students were asking loads of questions and were really captivated which was great to see ! More about our two entrepreneurs... Jessica has done phenomenally well for herself having left Uni because she didn't feel it was the right path for her. She decided to pursue her passion and she is now the director of the largest jewellery school in Europe. Read more about her journey here. Adam Bradford's career started with a competition at school where each student was given £25 to start their own business. That very same business idea has transformed into a multinational service in 6 countries. Inspiring stuff! Read more about Adam here. If you would like us to arrange a talk at your school get in touch with Lauren on