This week is National Colleges Week, an opportunity for colleges to inspire young people with all of their opportunities, and an opportunity for young people to start thinking about their options and what they want to do when they finish school. Initiatives like this are very important- they encourage people to start thinking about what they can offer. There are loads of fantastic skills tests, personality tests, guides to colleges and other fantastic resources available as part of this initiative, and we at want to be part of it! What we do best
  • We've been doing a lot of great stuff since our launch 6 months ago, all with the aim of educating young people on the opportunities available to them when they leave school or college.
  • We've been advertising great opportunities: apprenticeships in everything from engineering to IT; free courses for the unemployed; entry levels jobs.We've been attending careers events at colleges across the UK talking to students and telling them about our free service and how best to utilise it.
  • We've been providing specialist workshops to show students how to apply for jobs, and are scheduled to host some inspiring presentations featuring entrepreneurs and apprentices that make great role models for young people.
Start working with us
  • Advertise your courses and apprenticeships on our site- it's completely free and gets you access to thousands of young people that are looking at alternatives to University!
  • We are available to attend employer engagement events, and we can also run workshops to engage your students. From employability sessions to assemblies with apprentices or entrepreneurs as our guest speakers, we've got it covered.
To find out more get in touch with Lauren Gold on or 0207 609 6690.