Its been a busy few weeks for us at! Its almost 5 months to the day since we launched and we're happy to report the site is growing fast! We have some fantastic companies advertising their opportunities with us and lots of new young people registering every day. We're happy to see so many people interested in the apprenticeships, jobs and courses we have on offer! Our main focus at the moment is to make sure as many school and college leavers know about our site as possible. Its a one stop shop to find so many different types of opportunities- and with unemployment amongst young people such a big problem at the moment, we want our site to make a difference and help those who want to find great jobs and put themselves out there. Workshop with Nacro graduate jobs We recently went down to one of the Nacro centres in Battersea to talk to some of the students there about what kind of work they were looking for. It was great to hear their views on the working world, the challenges they've faced, what they are passionate about and what they want to do in the future. For us, its great to hear that Simon was interested in getting into creative media, and we were able to show him some relevant roles on the site and help him apply for them. We gave all the students a quick tutorial on how to use the site, and most importantly, by the time we left all the students were busy applying for jobs. It was a great start for our workshop series and we are looking forward to doing more in the future!
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