The most common mistakes made on job applications- and how to avoid them!

Applying for jobs can be a lengthy and complicated process, but it's important to keep your wits about you and make sure you don't fall into the trap of making common mistakes. Forgetting simple things that make your application look slick and impressive could result in you not getting the job. We've put together a checklist for you to help you along the way! The rest is down to you :)

1. Spell Check
You would be surprised how many applications and CV's have spelling mistakes in them, and they turn employers OFF. Write your answers in Word, spell check them, then copy and paste into the application.

2. Grammar
Capital letters and commas in all the right places - it's the little things that count. You want the employer to read your fantastic application and not be distracted by the lower case i...

3. Keep it professional

No more email addresses!! They don't look so hot in the eyes of the employer.

4. Are you right for the job?
Even though times get tough, there's no point in applying for a job you don't have the qualifications or skills for. Only apply for jobs you really feel you could do, it's a much better use of your time!

5. Follow the instructions
If it's a complicated application process, read through the instructions carefully a couple of times. After you've answered each question, read through the question and its answer again and make sure you haven't gone off topic- keep it relevant and to the point.

6. Make sure you answer all the questions
If you don't fill out one of the boxes, they might think you left it out by mistake. Try to answer every question, but if it's really not relevant putting N/A (which means not applicable) shows you have read the question, and you don't feel it's necessary for you to answer it.

7. Be Honest
If and when you get to interview stage and you can't back up your claims, it won't do you any favours! On the flip side, do yourself justice and think about some of those things you may not have thought to put on the application as your strengths- helping younger siblings with their studies, work in your community, think outside the box and be confident in the good things that you do!
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