IT based apprenticeships specialising in things like web development and digital marketing are a popular option at the moment, and have a lot of future prospects for those who take them up. Agilisys Arch is one of the companies offering these types of apprenticeships, and we thought the best way for you to find out about them would be to hear about the experiences three of their apprentices had on their program:

Dylan Bubb

graduate jobs Dylan was among our first cohort of Digital Communications / Content marketing apprentices. He joined us in August 2012 and was placed in a marketing position with the Home Learning College.

"I first heard of the term "Apprenticeship" when I was in my 4th year of Secondary School, looking for part time work. Tensions were high; exams were drawing nearer; patience was running thin. I wanted to get education over and done with, but I was forced to wait another 12 dreary months, followed by a constant bellowing of agitated moans deriving from the mouths of my teachers and family, pressuring me to continue my studies and to hand in my coursework assignments".

Dylan was keen to continue in education and wanted to find work in some area of digital media.

"I tried to find work but found it difficult, (being only 14 at the time), so I frantically searched the internet to find other sources of work - while planning to sort out a future part-time educational study, but unfortunately many part-time jobs were not flexible with my school hours. I reached my 15th birthday, even greater personal situations created conflicts between my home, life and school itself, forcing me to give up everything I had been working for".

Dylan found that applying for an apprenticeship with us was a straight forward and transparent process and it has ticked all the boxes for his aspirations and needs.

"I found an apprenticeship advisory site and registered, searching for jobs in all fields I was suitable for. After a few minutes I noticed an Apprentice Request from Agilisys Arch, in the Creative & Digital Media sector. I thought it was best to make a leap of faith and take a chance - so I filled in the necessary forms and questions required and hoped for the best. A few hours later I was offered to arrive at an Assessment Day the following week, where I successfully passed and was given the title role!"

In his first 6 weeks of employment, Dylan has made excellent progress with his Diploma training in web design, business theory, and marketing skills, and has applied his new knowledge to his work.

"So far I'm finding the settling in and the work tasks alongside the training very beneficial and rewarding, there's a lot more to see and do but that's all part of the journey and I hope to achieve my goals here and for the future!"

Zishan Haider

graduate jobs Zishan has been with since August 2012 and is employed in Blenheim Chalcot Media. His job role in the marketing department involves creating digital media (web sites, images, video, Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc) for campaigns.

"I started the apprenticeship with Agilisys on the 13th of August. Prior to this I was in college studying BTEC Business studies. I left college in February to start an IT Apprenticeship at Zenos. The apprenticeship programme at Zenos promptly stopped due to funding issues. I kept on applying for apprenticeships and started another one in Liverpool Street with JustIT. I was there for about 4 months before I decided to leave as I had not been paid once while I was there. I then applied for the apprenticeship at Agilisys. I was thrilled when I found out I had been accepted into the course but also slightly apprehensive due to my bad experience with previous apprenticeships."

Zishan has fitted in well with his work and training colleagues and has been making a valuable contribution in the training sessions he attends each week.

"When I started the actual course with Agilisys I felt very welcome and wanted. The first week was mainly an introduction to the course, but I also met my boss Jon who introduced me to the team I would be working with at BC Media. Again, I felt very welcome and I couldn't wait to start working.
The trainers at the apprenticeship scheme are very good. Matt teaches us the more technical aspects of the course like HTML and CSS coding. Tim teaches us the marketing aspects. The reason why I think the trainers are outstanding is because both of them have experience in their selected fields and they never hesitate to answer any questions I have about the course or about the IT and Marketing industries. Further more, as both of my trainers have a vast amount of experience, we get up to date and relevant training with real life situations and examples used in class."

We feel privileged to be able to give opportunities to young people with the kind of work ethic and motivation that Zishan has. They are an incredibly valuable asset to our businesses.

"Agilisys have given me an extremely valuable opportunity which I grabbed with both hands. There is a real sense that Agilisys started the apprenticeship scheme to help the youth gain valuable experience at a time when youth unemployment is everywhere and for this I cannot thank them enough".

Jamil Wallace-Williams

graduate jobs We are thrilled to have Jamil working with us. Everyone likes Jamil!. He is the kind of positive, diligent and deeply interested young employee that managers and tutors value.

"Before I started working for Agilisys I was involved heavily with youth work, my main goal being to create a positive change in my community. What I love about working for Agilisys is that it allows me to be flexible and manage my youth work around my working hours".

The transition from school to the workplace can often be a challenging one, and so we ease this transition be scheduling 3-4 days of training per week during the first month of employment.

"I love the working environment at Agilisys as our apprentice advisor always challenge us and push us in stimulating ways to encourage our growth as young business men. While our advisors do push for good results they always teach at a pace that makes us feel comfortable".

At Agilisys we value the capacity of our apprentices to question, challenge, and think creatively.

"Our natural curiosity as young people is never frowned upon and as such our always try to nudge us to ask questions that could get conversations or debates flowing".

"While I enjoy the working environment and our advisors, what I enjoy most of all is my fellow apprentices. As the first group of apprentices employed we understand how important it is to work hard and to create a good impressions and while, we may be from different backgrounds we have bonded and work excellently as a team".

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