We went to a fantastic apprenticeship event at the Swiss Embassy a few weeks ago, and we had a great time! We met some great companies with opportunities for young people, and loads of 16-19 year olds that we're deciding what to do after they got their results. We had our iPad's at the ready to register them so they could find out about the latest apprenticeships, jobs and courses on our site :) With the government and businesses so keen to show apprenticeships as the fantastic alternative to Uni that they are, there's loads of events that you can attend for free to get a better idea of the types of roles you could do when you finish school or college. Its a great way to start talking to companies you might want to work for, and get the real low down on what its like doing an apprenticeship with them. Here's a few that we've found to get you started: Enterprise Live Event - London 12th-13th October The World Skills Show - Birmingham 15th-17th November Opening Doors - London 14th November Regional Skills Events - Various Locations