graduate jobs Many of you have had your heads buried in books for the past few months, desperately cramming in every last piece of information so you'll pass your GCSE's or A Levels. It's the first step in securing your future some might say. But what many of you may not realise is that it determines the future of the UK's growth as well.

Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM Subjects) all require specialist knowledge, so if you're considering going into one of these areas you need to have studied the right subjects. But when choosing your GCSE's and A Levels you'r e probably not taking into consideration what your future career is going to be - that's 5 odd years away! Put it this way though- if you were OK at Maths and Biology at GCSE, would you take it up at A Level with the sound knowledge that you could go on into an apprenticeship or degree in a growing industry with lots of well paid jobs?

A recent survey talking to big businesses in the UK found that they are concerned with the lack of skills in STEM subjects in young people. With 81% of employers planning to invest in training in the next few years, they're going to need a decent poole of talent to start training up. So to be part of it, maybe getting that A-C in Maths and Science is more important that you thought. Did you know the UK needs to employ over 96,300 people in the next 4 years in engineering just to cover the amount of people retiring?!

Apprenticeships are going to be a key way to up skill coming generations of engineers and scientists, as they get people wor 500 page

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