For some of you, University has always been something you wanted to do. Sure, it's not the only possibility, but it's a good option to take- getting a degree will never be a bad thing. The main obstable for a lot of people it the cost, especially now that the fees have gone up. But the good news is there are a few companies out there championing talented young people, and making sure they have a route to getting a degree, even if they can't afford it.
Say hello to sponsored degrees! Yes, there are indeed companies out there that will take on the costs of going to Uni, on the understanding that you will work for them during the 3 or 4 years of study (during the summer or part time for example), and when you finish as well. They want to nurture talented people that will go the distance and contribute to their company, so really this works out well for everyone. Graduates will tell you what a tough market it is at the moment to get a job. Of course it's not impossible, but by doing a sponsored degree not only are you getting your education paid for, but you have the security of a job waiting for you afterwards as well!
Sound too good to be true? Well don't be fooled, companies only take on a handful of students for these programs so competition is stiff. You' ll need good grades at A Level, and a good work ethic. Do your research when applying, and take your time over the application to make sure it shows off your best qualities.
Check some of the programs on offer here.