This week is the 5th annual Apprenticeship Week in the UK, a time when the country looks to raise the profile of apprenticeship schemes being run across the country. It's an opportunity to find out about which companies are now taking part in schemes, and a great time to reflect on the success apprenticeships have had up until this point, in the hope that this year they will become even more popular, and even more companies will start offering them.
Check out what Nick Clegg has to say about it here...
So with all of this support, the timing has never been better to find out what being an apprentice could mean for you. With the increase in University fees, they are a viable alternative to a traditional degree for many students, and with good reason. Not only do they give you qualifications, but also a decent wage and a real job at the end of it.
We all know how confusing making decisions about the future can be, but its great to know that both the Government and Businesses large and small are getting involved and providing people with more choices than ever to get a good career going. Here at Future Talent, we are looking forward to being a big part of this in 2012, developing our website to make sure we are offering students the latest opportunities at the click of a button, and the most up to date and relevant information on how to tackle the big question of " what should I do next?".
Watch this space!