Level 7 Masters Degree Apprenticeships - October 2023 ()


Level 7 Apprenticeships Explained

If you're ready to take your Master's Degree but also want to earn a salary, a Level 7 Apprenticeship is a way to do both.

This combines studying part-time for your Master's degree at university and working as a full time apprentice.

What are the entry requirements for Level 7 Apprenticeships?

  • Relevant academic qualifications (requirements vary and may include a degree) or
  • Completed a qualifying Apprenticeship at a lower level
  • Permanent UK resident (live in the UK)
  • Not in full-time education
  • 18 years or older

How long does a Level 7 Apprenticeship take to complete?

  • 3-6 years
  • Maximum 40 hour working week

What can I earn whilst doing a Level 7 Apprenticeship?

  • Tuition fees are paid for by the employer as well as a salary. Earn while you learn!