The Poacher

Production Chef Apprenticeship - Intermediate (Level 2)

The Poacher (Employer)

Hit Training Ltd (Training Provider)

Weekly wage £157.50
30.0 hours per week 30 hours, shifts TBC.
12 months (duration)
6 October 2021(start date)
Production chef (apprenticeship standard)
30 September 2021 (application closing date)
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Job Description

A team member that will learn how a kitchen works and runs. The job will include preparation and cooking of high quality food.


The role will be in all aspects of the kitchen. This involves setting the kitchen for service, food prep, washing up, stock rotation and labelling, food ordering, cooking of food and closing down of the kitchen after service.

The kitchen can be a high paced area to work and this means lots needs to be done in order for service of food to run as smoothly as possible. Not only does the kitchen need to be prepared each morning, which can involve getting stock out of the fridge or preparing of fresh vegetables for certain dishes, it also needs to be kept clean and tidy as food is prepared and served from there.

Cleanliness will mean washing up equipment used, the plates food has been served on, as well as sides and surfaces.

As well as ensuring the kitchen is well prepared for the day ahead, there will also be the cooking of food involved. There are many different dishes that all require different cooking methods, so some understanding of how to use the grill, oven and gas hobs is needed, but the rest can be taught.
The menu covers starters, mains and desserts and understanding the different aspects of each dish is important to ensure that the food going out is of the best quality possible. Food will need to be cooked in the right way to ensure it is not only safe to eat but also goes out the way the menu states.

To make sure the kitchen is ready, food needs to be ordered so knowing stock levels is a big part of working in the kitchen, otherwise we won’t be able to provide certain items on the menu if the right food hasn’t been ordered. This will mean checks need to take place each day to see how stock levels are doing and whether everything is in date. Once stock levels have been checked, orders may need to be made. This could involve phoning orders through to be delivered the following day.

Future Prospects

Once the main skills have been learnt in the kitchen it could open up many opportunities for those that are willing to learn. Starting from the bottom and working their way up not only gives an understanding of every aspect of the kitchen but also helps them to pass on training to those wanting to start in a similar situation.

Skills Required

  • None required 

Qualities Required

  • Punctual
  • Cleanliness
  • Polite
  • Good work ethic
  • Confident
  • Team player
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative/Imaginative

Qualifications Required

  • None required 

Training Provided

  • Production Chef Level 2 Apprenticeship
  • Functional Skills maths Level 1
  • Functional Skills English Level 1
  • Knife skills
  • Grill use
  • Oven use
  • Food prep
  • Plating of food
  • Stock rotation
  • Food safety
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