What's an apprentice training provider? Why do I need one?

The training provider has the primary responsibility for providing all the off-the-job training, assessing your progress and supporting you during your apprenticeship. The Training Provider works with the employer to ensure any new apprentice receives:

  • an induction programme on starting
  • a complete and detailed training plan (including on-the-job training)
  • regular progress reviews
  • Opportunities to put into practice off-the-job learning so that they can achieve their qualifications/requirements of the the apprenticeship
  • mentoring and general support during the apprenticeship

The training provider will create a commitment statement which is part of the Apprenticeship Agreement. This ia an individual learning plan that the apprentice, employer and training provider all sign up too.

Here are the Top 10 Training Providers in the UK:

Provider Apprenticeships
Qube Qualifications and Development Limited 84
North Lancs. Training Group Limited(the) 79
QA Apprenticeships 35
Royal Navy 25
Professional Training Solutions Limited 24
Nestlé 17
Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Ltd 16
Awe Plc 13
Webs Training Limited 13
Vision Express (UK) Limited 11

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