Applying for Opportunities on

When applying for an opportunity on, we will send the prospective employer a copy of the profile you filled out when you registered, and you will have the option to attach your CV and cover letter as well. So make sure your profile is filled out properly! This means:

  • Spell check it thoroughly
  • Think about the content. Make it clear, concise and interesting
  • Think about the points you want to get across the most. Your enthusiasm? Your greatest achievement? Your interests? You want to get your personality across as much as possible, and give them a reason to keep reading. Remember, the employer might look through 10s or 100s of profiles a day so make sure yours stands out!

After you've applied…

Apply for another one! No matter how much you like the look of one job or apprenticeship, never put all your eggs in one basket. We're not suggesting you take a scatter gun approach though. Make sure you are selective about the jobs you apply for, and put thought and care into the application process. Always tailor your CV and cover letter to both the opportunity and the organisation offering it.

All the opportunities you have applied for can be found in my applications. Keep an eye on them, if you haven't heard anything after a day or two, call the company and ask to speak to the HR department. If you politely ask if they have received you application, this will bring you to their attention and show you are keen, a big plus if there have been a lot of applications for the job.

Update your profile and CV

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