Cover letters

Writing your cover letter on the website

We have integrated the cover letter you will write into the application process. When you apply for a role, you will see a text box to write your covering note in. Register to get started - here are some tips for filling it out:

  • Write the cover letter in a MicroSoft Word document and then paste into the application so you check for spelling mistakes and punctuation.
  • Providing examples of your work is advantageous and will set you apart from other candidates.
  • Keep it short, you want to talk about the main points employers would find interesting about you as a person and your experience.
  • Use a professional tone, but make sure it is in keeping with the industry. For example applying for a Law Internship will require a more professional tone than a waitressing position.


  • Start with a formal introduction, mention what role you are applying for, where you found it and that they should refer to your CV which is attached for further information.
  • Talk about why you are interested in working for the company, drawing attention to the specifics of the role you are applying for, and the skills they desire
  • The second paragraph should highlight how you as a person would be right for the role. Talk about any relevant work experience, activities, interests or qualifications you have.
  • End with a well thought out and exciting statement about why you want the job and how you could contribute positively to the organisation.

Below is an example of a cover letter:

Dear Ms Silver,

I am writing to apply for the Social Media Marketing Apprenticeship with Sequin Group, as advertised on the Future Talent website. I have enclosed my CV which details my experience and qualifications you require.

I am particularly interested in working for your organisation as you stress the importance of having experience using social media platforms, and working well in a team. I have a keen interest in digital media, and have sought out a volunteer placement with a well known charity to gain some experience working in this area, which I thoroughly enjoy. I see from your website that Sequin Group offers professional services for start up companies and I feel that my qualifications in Business and my experience in social media make me the ideal candidate for this role.

As you can see from my CV, I have proven interpersonal and team skills, having worked successfully part time for the past 3 years as a retail assistant for Morrisons whilst participating positively as a member of the sales team. I have been a successful student who is quick and eager to learn and have an aptitude for numeracy and attention to detail. Additionally, I understand that experience with Adobe software is desirable. I have experience using this program and examples of my work with Adobe can be found in my portfolio at

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and if you require any further information please contact me on the details provided above.

Yours Sincerely,

Harriet Smith

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