If you're a school or college leaver, or you soon will be, is the ideal site for you. As we're completely impartial is not there to tell you what you should do, only make sure that you know what options there are available and that in understanding them, you have the best chance to succeed in your future career.

University may be the ideal choice for you, but it doesn't necessary guarantee success in the same way that not going to university doesn't mean you can't be successful. It's all about finding the right path for you.

Here you'll find some information on some of the most popular options available to you, and once you've decided you can apply for positions directly. But first, we want to make sure you're making an informed decision. So check out our information on Apprenticeships, Further Study and full time employment as well as advice on how to write a cover letter or CV and how to approach applying for opportunities on the site.

Equally if you're a parent or careers advisor and you want to understand the choices the young people around you are making we've included a section specifically for you, which includes information on apprenticeships and how apprentices can excel in their chosen career.