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future-talent.com is the newest addition to the graduate-jobs.com UK Ltd family, which also includes specialist sites for women and second jobbers. It is specifically designed to be a resource for school and college leavers looking for their next step whether that is an apprenticeship, school leaver programme, entry level job, further study or a sponsored learning programme.

With government funding of apprenticeship schemes increasing year on year, and university fees at the highest they have ever been, students now more than ever are looking at new ways to start their careers early.

Using the same business model as its parent company, future-talent.com offers students an easy to use platform to discover, search and apply for a variety of different opportunities.

For school and college leavers:

future-talent.com is an online resource that allows you to find out about all the opportunities available to you if you are seeking out alternatives to attending University. These will include apprenticeships, entry level jobs and training courses, which you can research and apply for at the click of a button. We also provide advice about applying for roles, and insights into what it's like working in different industries. Registering with us allows you to choose what type of opportunities you're interested in, so that we can send you the latest relevant opportunities as they come in, meaning you are always ahead of the pack.

For parents/ guardians:

We welcome you to use future-talent.com to research the different options available as alternatives to University. You can search by location, sector, or type of opportunity and we provide advice on the merits of the different options. Register on your son or daughter's behalf to make sure they receive updates on the latest opportunities in their interest areas and location.

For career advisers:

If you are a career adviser or school teacher, you can use future-talent.com to be kept informed of opportunities available to students. Searching on the website will allow you to display vacancies by sector or location. We also provide advice and the latest news so you can access up to date information that is relevant to your students.

If you register on this site, we will send you regular emails with the latest vacancies in your area,which can be circulated and discussed with students. We hope this tool will better equip you to advise students on the opportunities that are available now and that they can apply for easily.

For employers and learning providers:

We work with companies that offer opportunities to non graduates, ranging from entry level positions to advanced apprenticeship schemes and help them reach their target market in a way that suits the job specification and company. We also work with colleges and training providers to offer a range of study programmes across the UK, giving students plenty of choice to get more qualifications before joining the workforce.

If you are interested in advertising on future-talent.com then please get in touch to discuss further.

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